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Happy White People’s Independence Day!

Independence Day also has nothing to do with white people’s independence slavery wasn’t even largely present at the time America split from GB…

with the presence of 450,000 enslaved African Americans in the 13 colonies. Slavery was practiced in every colony in 1775, but it was crucial to the economy and social structure from the Chesapeake region south to Georgia. Slave labor produced the great export crops of the South-tobacco, rice, indigo, and naval stores. Bringing slaves from Africa and the West Indies had made settlement of the New World possible and highly profitable. ” (x)

who had the exact same face tho?

white people need to stop making up history up like nigga’s can’t google the truth in 30 seconds

Today I found out the first legal slave owner, in what would eventually become the United States, was a black man. The man was Anthony Johnson. Johnson first came over to America as an indentured servant, arriving in 1620 in the Colony of Virginia. He did not come over willingly, as many did, agreeing to become indentured servants in exchange for passage to the New World. Rather, Johnson was captured in Angola by neighboring tribesmen and eventually sold to a merchant who transported him to Virginia, where he was then sold to a tobacco farmer. Despite this, Johnson was not technically a slave, as most think of it. He was simply required to serve the farmer for a time in exchange for room and board. However, like slaves, indentured servants could be sold or lent out to someone else, and, for the most part, they could be punished how those that owned their contracts saw fit. SO BLACK PEOPLE CAPTURED BLACK people and sole them to Americans So they can have black people as slaves…. And its happening in sierra leone tpday
Quit re writing History huh?
Cute, but the John Punch Case predates this. Anthony Johnson was one of the first and few black slave owners so….

Moreover, the chattel slavery practiced by the U.S. was unlike any practiced in West Africa.

If someone steals a puppy, the puppy trades hands, but you treat that puppy like shit for all of its life, are you some how freed of  your responsibility? How was anyone to know what a monster you were? How you lack compassion and kindness and humanity when you KNOWINGLY bought that puppy w/express intentions to abuse it and all the puppies it ever had?

I use this example b/c white people tend to care a lot more about puppies than they do black people.

Morever deux, most black slave owners owned their family b/c by law, they couldn’t free them. So, they bought their family members so they wouldn’t be torn apart.

One case does not an argument make.




#truth #lifeexperience #workethic

I kind of maybe get what this is trying to say but it comes off as really fucking classist.

Have you ever seen how hard minimum wage earners work? Fuck you.

Minimum wage work ethic is how those million dollar dreams can become a reality. I swear people don’t actually listen to the details of rags to riches stories when they make these bullshit posters.




#truth #lifeexperience #workethic

I kind of maybe get what this is trying to say but it comes off as really fucking classist.

Have you ever seen how hard minimum wage earners work? Fuck you.

Minimum wage work ethic is how those million dollar dreams can become a reality. I swear people don’t actually listen to the details of rags to riches stories when they make these bullshit posters.


Are You A Girl, Black Woman?



I’ve wanted to write about this for a long time, but it’s so heavy, I needed some time to really put my thoughts together before doing it. Femininity and the (modern) Black Woman seem to be coming closer together as the days go by - in the minds of other people, I mean. 

But have we actually become girls to them? 

Because being a girl, what’s that mean? It means makeup and accessories, yes. It means manicures and pedicures, yes. It means breasts and shape and hips and ass, yes. 

But it also means delicate. Carefree. In need of protection. It means consideration. It means a second thought. It means, in the wake of violence, being treated with kindness and care. 

"But people do this!" You say.

"Do they?" I reply.

Because I’ll bet you they don’t do it at all. 

See, learning someone has had violence happen to them is one thing. But let’s examine it deeper.

Imagine a Black woman saying this: “I was attacked and I have PTSD because of it. I can’t work due to it. I don’t even try to look for work anymore because it doesn’t work out.”

Can you imagine it? What would you think? What would you say to her? Would you ask her about what happened? Would you believe her?

Imagine this girl saying it:


Of course I simply used a photo of a girl who is well known online, not making any judgments or assumptions about her or her history.

When I said, “Imagine a Black woman,” did you imagine a fat, dark skinned girl? Or did you imagine a tall, thin, light complected, long curly hair, having girl? I bet it was the latter. Anyway. I digress. Onward, shall we?

But what do you think of fat, dark skin toned, usually “funny” black girls? Would you feel like protecting this girl above? Would you feel like she really, truly, could not handle going to work every day due to PTSD or mental health issues? 

I really honestly think not. We’re hardwired, it seems, to believe that bigger, darker, louder girls can handle anything. Are superhuman. Are strong. Are not girly or “weak” or in need of protection from anything.

I think, people are more likely to think we’re lying. Overdramatic. Histrionic, even, when we say we’re afraid or anxious or deal with anxiety, panic attacks… flashbacks aren’t even in our stratosphere. I’ve said it before, we don’t get, “How can I help?” We get, “Walk it off.”

We get, “But I know him! He’s a better person now.”

We get, “But that was 10 years ago.”

We get, “You have no idea what they went through at that time in their life.”

We get, “You just keep being strong, girl. You’ll get through it.”

We get, “Oh, I know what happened. You got through it.”

We get, “Really? I can’t imagine that happening to you.”

We get, “But what did you do first?”

We get, “I heard what you did though. That wasn’t nice, either, you know.”

We get, “You’re just lazy,” “You just don’t want to work,” “You just want someone to save you.”

We get it any way except, “This is valid. You are valid. Your concern is valid.”

We get, “God you’re so strong. I couldn’t do that. If I was you, I wouldn’t even be able to work. You’re so strong.”

But when we can’t work, we get, “Welfare queen.”

But I am a girl too - even though you’ve been conditioned to not be able to see my emotions because of my dark skin tone. I am in need too. I have breakdowns, too. I get anxious, emotional, wild, out of control, crazy too. I don’t know how I’m going to make it sometimes, too. 

The difference between the fat, dark, Black girl and you though? Is we get to work 3 jobs. We get to have our health compromised. We get to cry alone in our homes.

You get sympathy.

We get to save ourselves.

You get, “Poor thing!”

We get, “Why are you so ANGRY?!”

You get help.

We get bootstraps like no other.

You get hugs and held hands.

We get to have it be Just Another Day.

still relevant.

Always relevant

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You can tell a girl she’s smart her whole life, encourage her in school, buy her a chemistry set, send her to math camp, help her apply for college scholarships in STEM fields, and she’s still eventually going to walk into a classroom, a lab, or a job interview and have some man dismiss her existence, deny her funding, pass her over for a promotion, or take credit for her work. How about you work on getting those assholes out of power and quit telling me not to call girls pretty.

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ignore anyone who tells you otherwise.

No white girls?


Why? You do t think white girls should be told they’re beautiful?

The amount of white whine in the notes…it’s ridiculous.

Every time we ask for the inclusion of young girls and women of color in pieces similar to this, where everyone is white, we’re told

"If you want representation then make it yourself and shut up about this!"

“Let the artist make whatever they want and include whoever they want! Freedom of expression!”

"If you need to see someone who looks like you in order to feel included then you are the real racist."

Yet all I see in the notes are:

"If you want equality you have to include EVERYONE including white girls and guys!"

“it’s pathetic that the only way you can feel good about yourself is by excluding others.”

No doubt they feel some type of way with their own bodies but what is dedicating a piece such as this to women who fall no where near the Eurocentric standards of beauty taking away from white women when they have so much representations and campaigns centered around them.


No. I understand that white people get really whiny really fast but in this case I agree. It isn’t about it just so happening to not have white people and that’s it. All other major ethnicities are well represented in what looks like a deliberate attempt to include all of them besides a white girl, but if they didn’t include a black or Latina girl then tumblr would have shut this shit down faster than you could blink and I understand that all other races have faced a ton of problems with representation but the way to solve that isn’t by excluding white people and telling them to stop whining when they want to be told that they can feel beautiful. I’m sorry and I understand that white privilege is a huge problem but being exclusive and rude back at white people won’t help with equal representation as much as representing everyone equally would.
(Sorry for shit grammar/ spelling I’m dyslexic and on a phone)

"I know people of color face little to no representation…BUT I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU DARKIES! WHYT PEEPUUUULL AALLLWAAAAAAAYYYYSSS!!!"

Foggy Dubai
Picture: This breathtaking view from the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, shows a thick blanket of smoggy fog smothering Dubai. The mist almost completely covers the skyscrapers which dominate the skyline.
© Bjoern Lauen/Solent News - Source

Foggy Dubai

Picture: This breathtaking view from the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, shows a thick blanket of smoggy fog smothering Dubai. The mist almost completely covers the skyscrapers which dominate the skyline.

© Bjoern Lauen/Solent News - Source

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You remember that post about the homestuck t-shirt design contest collaborating with hot topic? And how Hot Topic are the biggest art thieves?  This is recent.  As you can see above, I stumbled upon Hot Topic’s website and they are selling a very popular fan art put on a t-shirt, and did not ask permission from the original artist (rismo).

This shows Hot Topic still continues their art thievery.  Hot Topic are still taking art from artists without their permission.  This is disrespectful and appalling.




We appreciate the rallying of the community around the rights of this artist. Rights and ownership of artwork are an important cause which we do not take lightly. To clarify:

DeviantART does not retain any ownership nor right to ownership of any artwork posted to deviantART. The point of question in our Submission Policy is one which gives us the right to present the artwork you submit to deviantART on deviantART. As stated in our Submission Policy, “Artist at all times retains all right, title and interest in and to the Artist Materials provided by Artist hereunder (including, without limitation, the copyrights in and to the Artist Materials), subject to the non-exclusive rights in the licenses granted to deviantART under this Agreement.” Thus, artwork posted to deviantART may be used in promotional material for deviantART (with all due credit for the work included), but never for non-deviantART commercial purposes, and never without express recognition of the original artist. The artist also always retains the right to remove the work from deviantART at any time, if they so choose.

By the same token, because we do not retain any ownership of artwork submitted to deviantART, we cannot license it to others either (be it individual or company) without the express permission and written agreement of the artist. From section 5 of our Submission Policy: “deviantART will contact Artist in writing about any individual commercial uses of Artist Materials instigated by deviantART.” If deviantART had been involved with this situation in any way, the artist would have been contacted in writing long prior to any commercial use of the artwork. 

We assure you that we had no involvement of any kind in this incident. Again, we appreciate the passion with which the art community has come together regarding these circumstances, but as with all things, we’re always on the side of the artist. 

Guys. Please circulate the response from deviantART.

Good Guy Deviantart
Douchebag Hot Topic

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On Sunday, July 6th the rise of the warlocks begins on The Witches of East End at 9/8c only on lifetimetv!

Um, does that look a hell of lot like Sam and Dean to anybody else?

That’s the first thing I thought too.

I don’t even watch that show and this was my first thought. I’m really confused.

Nah these are the lead males, I just started watching the show & they are in it from the very first ep.



We don’t need European fairy tales retold with dark-skinned characters

We need non-European fairy tales being told

Race-bending isn’t the answer here

Realizing that there are children who have non-European heritages and cultures who need their own stories being given representation is the answer

Edit: this was a very late-night post, which I originally planned to delete with all my other night-blogging, never expecting that it would get this popular. I have, and will continue to apologize for not clearly specifying that I meant white European tales, such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc. I certainly did not mean to imply any whitewashing of Europe. 

However I never said, claimed, or implied to be against race-bending. Which I am not. I am also not (nor have I ever) compared it to white-washing. Those are other people’s misinterpretations on my post, and have no root in my own opinions, feelings, or words. 

I hope this clears some things up

Meanwhile Snow White & Sleeping Beauty aren’t actually European tales in the first place. Traders told those stories & when the Brothers Grimm collected them the assumption became that they were European in origin.



Chris Hemsworth out in London with his kids and wife / 22.06.14

Colic hold. That baby has all the screams any other way.

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