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Casual racists: Conservative, liberatarian, independent, and liberal individuals who engage in covert or overt racist behavior incidentally. This is a result of not wanting (or not knowing how) to do the difficult emotional, intellectual, and spiritual work necessary to become anti-racist. There is a tendency among casual racists to compare their actions to those of the Ku Klux Klan or Neo-Nazis and determine, by virtue of that comparison, that their own behavior is not racist.

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These are the type of racists I’ve encountered more than any other, especially in since moving to NYC. New Yorkers like to use the diverse racial make-up of the city and the fact that they’re not Southerners or went to a liberal arts college as a means of eliminating any possibility that they could be racist or engage in racist activity or rhetoric.

White South Africans don’t necessarily bother to hide it. If they’re rude to you, they’ll let you know in one way or another that it has to do with race. Looks are usually all it takes. I can’t deny that when I go back, I can still feel the racial tension in the air. I’m lucky to escape xenophobic & racial prejudice at times because my accent leads people to assume that I’m either British or from the US.

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the most common kinda racist: the “not racist” racist.

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I get a lot of “I’m not racist, but..” or “Those people, not black people like you” which is always extra special. Had a convo right after I finished undergrad with someone deep in the throes of “Those people” who could not believe I had lived in the projects while going to college. I don’t think internalized racism ever occurred to her as a reason for her shock at the idea of poor black single mothers going to Big Ten schools.

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