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Esoterica: Thoughts on vegan privilege.







The more I think about the reasons people have for not being vegan, the more upset I get. I understand that some people cannot be vegan (though it isn’t even close to the numbers that defensive omnivores would…

All I heard was, “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! I like animals more than people of color/poor people because animals won’t tell me to shut my fucking privileged mouth and go sit down someplace!”

Yep. My oldest is allergic to soy. I’m allergic to coconut & shouldn’t eat soy for other health reasons. But hey, why let pesky details like that interfere with this grand plan? Or the fact that gardening in apartments doesn’t exactly work. Not to mention people who can’t garden for physical reasons. Or pesky details like the time it takes to garden & the fact that not everyone lives in a climate where the weather is conducive to growing large quantities of food. We should all just do what the privileged white guy thinks is best. Sorry, looking at that wall of jackass makes my slapping hand itch. He doesn’t care about the reality of the lives of the people he’s judging at all.  

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