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2 Broke Girls is racist…





is rife with ethnic stereotypes. It’s disappointing, really. I like Kat Dennings, but no. I am unimpressed.

I don’t really care. Everyone’s racist, like here in Tumblr people is racist to black people but just for fun and not in a bad way. It’s a sitcom, people! I like the show anyway and will keep watching.

No. Just. NO.

This “everyone else is doing it” bullshit is buuuuullshiiiiiit!

If you had a gang of fools punching you in the face & you asked them to stop & one of them was like, “well everyone else is punching you, some of them just for fun—& not in a bad way! I like it. I’m gonna keep punching you!”, then you’d be plenty pissed & rightfully so.

No amount of racism is an acceptable amount of racism. Period.

Racism is just for fun to some folks, but we’re using race as a crutch & we should get over it & the bad things were a long time ago, after all the last time someone was killed for being black was…earlier this year. Oh. I can’t today people. Cannot.

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