I saw a white girl wearing earrings shaped like Africa today…





AND I LOST IT. Argh! It’s just so ridiculous! This baby faced college co-eds shopping for organic produce in their Toms and their Invisible Children bracelets, all paid for on their parents’ dime, flaunting their do-goodiness and their $$ at the same time. Give me a fucking break! It’s like Africa isn’t even a place anymore, it’s not a continent, it’s a commodity. Colonialism broke Africa and capitalism picked up the pieces and sold them to white people, and I hate it, and I’m sick of it.

You know, you run into a place, enslave all the people that live there, use up as much of the natural resources as you can, then force your social structure, religion, and languages on them but leave their economic structure in such a fashion that they’re stripped of agency and dependent on the so-called “first world” for any kind of stability, and then tell them all, “don’t worry, these goodwill ambassadors and missionaries will come give you shoes and Jesus, and everything will be okay.” Or, “if only you were more like us, you’d be able to survive.” And then you dangle the place from your ears because you care so much about their plight. Right? Right. It’s like wearing a prize won by centuries of violent colonialism and oppression. It’s so fucking disrespectful, and they don’t even fucking know it!! They don’t know!

I fucking hate these eco-socio-yuppies-in-training and I want to fart on everything they love.

Colonialism broke Africa and capitalism picked up the pieces and sold them to white people, and I hate it, and I’m sick of it.

Real talk here, listen up. This goes for us First Nations peoples too.

i have never heard this point more poignantly stated in my life.


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