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Ducks in the hat: Rachel vs Mercedes



I don’t know why Rachel felt bad at the end of Asian F (SPOILER ALERT) When she received the part of Maria. Sure Mercedes performance was stunning

but quite frankly I didn’t think…

Yeah, I see your point. But didn’t Rachel agree that okay, they could both share the spotlight? Mercedes just didn’t want any of that. Idk, maybe I just prefer Rachel over her and that’s why I’m defending her. 

Here’s the thing though - why should Mercedes settle for sharing when everyone in that room thought Mercedes gave a better audition?  That is why Mercedes turned down the role.  That wasn’t fair to Mercedes.  But it’s clear Mercedes’ feelings should never, ever matter compared to Rachel’s or Kurt’s or anyone else’s for that matter, and that’s why Mercedes left.  She fought for the spotlight, ie, followed the advice Rachel herself gave back in “Night of Neglect”, won outright (especially in Rachel’s opinion), and then had the refs call it a draw so Rachel’s ego would be spared.  And if no one can see how unfair that is to Mercedes, then I think it’s a willful blind spot to Mercedes.

Okay, but maybe I missed it, but when did they say Mercedes audition was better? I thought the whole problem was that they both were so good and both brought different things to the table so it was difficult for them to decide. Wasn’t THAT why they said that two people would play Maria? Unless I missed it, I never heard them saying that they were going to still give the part of Maria to Rachel because they didn’t want to hurt or feelings or get her pissed off. I could be wrong…. -le shrug-

Either way, I see where Mercedes is coming from. Maybe she was just having a rough week. But I have rough weeks too but I don’t act so rash and knock over music stands because I’m in bad mood. That’s me though. If she was having a bad few days, maybe she could’ve just said she was stressed. Why’d she had to go all out diva and get mad everyone and Rachel? I thought they were friends.

Friends don’t make snide comments about a co star only being worthy of playing to war veterans at matinees, while they play the more prestigious evening performances. Not to mention snide remarks about Mercedes race whenever she tried to broaden the glee club’s repertoire…

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