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I am shaking & enraged right now so pardon me if all of this letter is profane. I went to pick my son up from school. His school is less than 5 blocks from my house. One of the guys standing on the corner a block away from his school tried to holler at me. I brushed him off very politely. I actually said “No thanks I’m married” as I walked past. One of the group made a comment about my hair being nappy & I rolled my eyes and said “That’s how Afros work” or something like that.

Went on my way to school, picked up the short person & we walked back home the same way. For some reason instead of (as I expected), me being able to walk back the same way unmolested, this group of worthless fuckers decide it would be funny to surround us. They thought it was hilarious to say off color shit about my body in front of my 5 year old. Of course the big joke was making me think I was surrounded and couldn’t get away. Because that’s high comedy right? Just another joke I’m too humorless to enjoy.

People, I don’t care if you are drunk, high, playing, or just too fucking stupid to breathe, if you come at me & my kid I’m trying to rip your fucking nuts off. Get it? Got it? Good. As it was when it became clear that their joke was backfiring, one of the guys started trying to explain they were playing. Meanwhile people in cars are slowing down clearly trying to see if I’m okay. It’s 11:30 in the morning, there are witnesses & they still didn’t get out of the way. Want to know what made them move? One of the houses on that block is inhabited by a guy I know by way of his kid going to the same school as my sons.

We’ve exchanged pleasantries in passing, but I see more of his girlfriend than I do of him. I think he works nights, but I might be wrong about that since I’ve only met him once or twice. Anyway he came out, asked if there was a problem, & they suddenly had somewhere else to be besides in my fucking way. Why? Well, for those of you not raised in the hood or without much experience with weapons, there’s often a certain stance to someone who has a gun in their waistband. Yeah, that’s what it took for the joke to be over. But hey, it’s not like misogyny actually hurts women right?