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EL EM AY OH.: so i was gonna write this big insightful post littered with big words about some shit. instead, just gonna hit ya'll up...



  1. fat women, on average, make less money than thin people.
  2. a “weight loss, longer life” search yields 172 Million results, while a “weight gain, longer life” search yields 337 Million results; All of which on the first few pages of results are about the benefits of weight loss.
  3. while EDs such as Anorexia and Bulimia are recognized illnesses, Chronic and Binge Overeating, which are also eating disorders, are seen as issues with self control and are blamed solely on the person afflicted with the disease and their “laziness” and “lack of self control”.
  4. The eating and exercise regimens recommended to most fat people would be considered ED’d behavior if adopted by a thin person (yo-yo dieting, starvation diets, exercising more than once a day, etc…).
  5. No matter how thin a woman becomes, she still has opportunities for advancement in an entertainment career - even when she is nearly dead, while we are hard pressed to find a woman who can even be considered remotely overweight regarded as an A List celebrity and not just a supporting cast member.

you can take that “thin people get bullied too” bullshit wherever you like, but please don’t bring it over here. cos there’s no 10,000 note posts about FATspiration floating around tumblr. there’s not 50 million shows on tv teaching thin people new and exciting ways to eat and gain weight. the weight gain industry isn’t the biggest business in america. your checks don’t shrink significantly in direct equation to the number of pounds you lose and they aren’t giving you a 10% raise when you gain a dress size.

i’m not saying the “you need to eat something!”, “put some meat on your bones!”, “you look like you could blow away!”, “are you anorexic?!” comments aren’t bullshit. i’m not saying they aren’t hurtful. i’m saying that there is no way anyone can say thin people (even extremely thin people) have it nearly as hard as people who are considered overweight or obese - and no way in HELL they have it as hard as people who are considered “morbidly obese”.

please don’t bring that bullshit over here.

I respectfully disagree with this. I cant be convinced that fatness and the culture of fat-shame is reducible to a productive fat vs. thin conversation. As long as this sentiment has any popularity amongst FA and body positivity culture, I have zero use for it, because fatness and the perception of fatness is not an isolated part of any culture. As a close-to 300 pound white woman, I have no educated reason to tell a thin person of color “not to bring their bullshit over here” if we are talking oppression, or judgement, or equality. This goes for the many other intersections of a thiness, non-binary sexuality or gender, class, education, and many other states of being. Absolutely, the media, and to a greater extent popular culture has a shitty and dangerous attitude about varying states of fatness, and yet, thin people get bullied too for reasons that are just as dynamic as the size of my fat gut. I’m know for sure that thin people who have an excess of privilege exists, but I want to cross that bridge with that specific person when I get to it because it is counter-productive to assume that anyone who has the passability of thin privlige lives in isolation of oppression.  

I’m thin, black & female. Of those three things guess which one is least likely to be the reason I’m being oppressed. Go on, guess. If you said thin you’d be right. I have an ED that is mostly under control now, but over the years I’ve been every size from 00 to an 8. I’ve definitely gotten my share of “Get that girl a hamburger” or whatever, but 99.9% of the time my size has not worked against me. Do I like body policing or food shaming when it happens to me? No. It usually pisses me off & sometimes it can be a trigger for my ED. But overall, it is a non motherfucking factor in my day to day life. No one is denying me work, health insurance, or fixing their mouth to call me a liability for public relations. Really, if I have to put up with some ignorant comments every few months about being a skinny bitch I promise you I will be okay.

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