Martha just happens to be the least favorite Doc Who companion?

Cassie just happens to be the least popular Dean Winchester girlfriend? 

And it has nothing to do with racism?


Lets not forget that people CHEERED when Tara died in True Blood, as well as folks calling Alisha a bitch on Misfits, Mercedes being lazy (and apparently, fat black women can never get a white man) on Glee and Uhura being ragged on for kissing Spock in Star Trek.

But it ain’t about racism tho. Despite black women in fandoms getting shit on the most, it ain’t about racism. Nope. It just ALWAYS happens to be the black woman…


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    that… And how Lavender Brown magically turns...Ron’s romantic interest in
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    i loved the fuck out of both of them. still do. the hale is wrong with people?
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    Martha got the shit season because Ten was still all over Rose’s tits even though she was in an alternate dimension....
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    Thank you! Martha is my fave companion and I basically CRIED when Tara died (mostly because I live for Sam/Tara sex...
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    That’s nice. This is a conversation about the racialized hate black women in various fandoms receive. And I find it very...
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    Well Martha was my least favourite companion not because she was black but because I didn’t like her acting or the way...
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