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Christians Call for Obama’s Death For Not Mentioning Their God in Thanksgiving Address | The X Blog


Apparently, Barack Obama gave a very nice Thanksgiving Address but failed to pander to Christian Fundamentalists. Some of them are now calling for his death on a Fox ‘News’ web site. Even more astonishing is the fact that Fox ‘News’ is allowing these comments to remain on their site. 

According to an informant, whom I shall not name so he will not be threatened,

Comments include…

”He is not considerate of GOD ,YOU OR ME !! HE IS A MUSLEM !! There is only ONE GOD !!”

”Allah is not a God under Christian beliefs. God doesn’t call for or have his followers commit MURDER. It is time for the Core of the United States to remove the muslims and their Religion from our Country. Their mission is to destroy our Country and should be treated like the invaders they are and that includes Obama!!!’

‘Dude, as far as I care.. PISS ON THAT 22% (non-Christians). If they don’t like it then they don’t have to celebrate a CHRISTIAN HOLIDAY. THey can kindly STFU and watch tv or whatever the hell else that they want to do. How about you be considerate of those with a working brain by shutting up?’

One commenter asks why Obama is still alive and why the Republicans are not doing anything about it. The comment has 19 likes.

WTF, people. Someone explain “Christian Virtues” to me…

Some days I think it would serve these people right if they got to live in their dream theocracy. Then I remember we have nuclear weapons, & I find myself hoping fervently that something strikes them down before they do any more harm.