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1049. Just because Alisha has changed doesn’t mean people aren’t allowed to acknowledge her past. It wasn’t that long ago. She was a complete slut and it’s going to take time for people to see her as anything different.






1. Alisha was always more than who she had sex with, so the fact that that is THE ONLY thing that anyone on this show ever thinks of in regards to her character (especially the men she dates) is dehumanizing and belittling. 

2. Seeing as almost no one points out that Simon was a creepy arsonist murderer who almost sexually abused Kelly (either on the show or in the rape apologist circles of this fandom) either people need to start treating the characters equally (and thus call Simon out about his past) or SHUT THE FUCK UP about who Alisha has fucked. 

3. If Alisha decides she wants to fuck any and everyone that will not make her a slut. FUCK YOU WHOEVER SUBMITTED THIS OFFENSIVE ASS CONFESSION FOR BEING A MISOGYNIST ASSHOLE and slut shaming Alisha. She hasn’t done anything wrong and even if getting as much sex as she wanted was wrong, it would still be better than murdering a probation worker, storing her body in a freezer, and then having lunch with her corpse. Oh, but I forgot, we’re not supposed to talk about that. 

I need someone to explain to me why there’s such interest in policing Alisha’s sexuality, but not policing anyone else’s fondness for drugs, or violence. You know, those behaviors that are actually illegal.

are you trying to have a logical conversation about fans and a straight female character’s sex life? really? a black female character? really?

I know, I should just expect to want to kick fandom in the teeth as soon as I see a black woman on the screen.

Yep. A black woman on any form of media will be shat on by the fandom, no matter what.

The bizarre thing here is that fandom liked her more when her behavior was actually awful. Now that she’s actually trying to be the voice of reason they hate her face.