Tyrese reveals his expectation that women must bend to meet male needs. I don’t see in the above video a man who values black women and loves them. I see a man concerned that black women might be too capable, too free. Independent women have options and demands, as men do. Independent women are choosy, as men are. A strong man has no problem meeting partners on an equal playing field, but a weak man needs a weaker partner to feel strong. Any man preaching against independence for women unwittingly lays himself bare.

We decided yesterday on Twitter that Tyrese licks old window glass. Clearly the arsenic exposure has rotted what little of his brain exists.

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    i’m always struck by how black women are either golddiggers or too independent. like, oftentimes in the same breath. and...
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    And that is why nothing Tyrese says sits well with me. Sounds like he wants a subservient woman not a partner smh.
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    do not want. he played that role in baby boy a little too well.
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    Someone CC this to Ebony magazine
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    PREACH, WITCHSISTA! I’m so damn tired of this “you are the protector of the black man” bullshit black women are burdened...
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    Because, for a long time, all these guys had as a bargaining chip in the dating/mating world was “Hey, it’s either me or...
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    *Holy GHoSt ALL OVER THIS*
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    I want to know why it is our responsibility as Black women to single handed make Black men feel good about themselves....
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    You Black American women deserve a fucking medal .. from the media to black assholes like tyresse.. I mean wow those...
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    I absolutely agree with you, but I think that’s our responsibility as men and women to change that. It’s been imbedded...
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