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White is the Norm.


That’s why there is no need for an Ivory Magazine, White History Month or White Entertainment Television. Look at Seventeen, Elle, Vogue, W Magazine, Fox, Vh1, MTV, NBC, CBS, Philosophy/History/Anthropology classes. They all talk showcase, discuss and study whiteness.. this all belongs to you. It’s run by the white people, of the white people and for the white people. The fact that there needs to even be ethnic classes aside from regular History courses should be a good indicator of how non-existent we are in the grand scheme of things.

Just a short 50 years ago, Black People were subjected to being second-class citizens. This was our parents time, our parents experienced this. How dare any of you tell us we’re being racist for creating our own establishment when we were denied entrance into yours? The gall is outstanding to me.

When someone says “there shouldn’t be a BET” (which by the way is still a horrible representation), what’s really being conveyed is “you all don’t deserve to be heard or seen, this is our territory, you are only relevant when we need to talk about welfare and crimes.” This is whiteness, this is white supremacy. This is what we are angry about.

When someone says Black Magazines only further separates you, I think “Not discussing kinky hair, make-up for darker tones, etc in regular magazines kinda already did that”.

And when I hear that shows with Black people as main characters is excluding, this is when I don’t take white people seriously anymore. Because if your privilege is so strong and blinding that you can’t see that you equal everything that’s not explicitly a Black, Latino or Asian institution, then me educating you is a complete waste of my time, energy and sanity.

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