Mercedes was the last of the Glee girls to get a boyfriend and to have a kiss.





And now that she has finally has two guys who want her, people are STILL holding on to shipping her with food? A storyline that lasted half an episode in season one? Defend that. I dare you.

Don’t discriminate non-canon couples. I still ship bradtana and that lasted less than half an episode and it was mostly subtext.

Also, not wanting to start a discussion or something, just an observation, but how is Mercedes the last to have a kiss? Santana is still unkissed, unless you count the kisses she gave to her motherfucking beards. Not even coming from someone she likes… hell, not even coming from people who match her sexual orientation. If someone were to count Brittany as Kurt’s first kiss, half the fandom would ask for their heads on a silver plate…

Yeah, except in Bradtana both parties are HUMAN BEINGS.

 And yes, I do count the beards. It was still a physical kiss. Not all the kissing that goes on in the show is true-love’s kiss, but it at least shows the characters as beings with sexualities, unlike Mercedes, who has been portrayed as undesired until this season. 

Not gonna lie, that smacks of derailing to me - even if it’s unintentional. In no way can you equate Santana’s treatement with Mercedes’ treatment. Santana, up until “Sexy” was at the very least pansexual. She was still panting after Dr. Carl for goodness sake. Mercedes was a forced asexual mammy/involuntarily celibate from S1 up until now, and people in fandom were quite happy with her being such. Granted, the hypersexual!Latina stereotype isn’t cool, but they gave her some layers and softness. Mercedes is long overdue for this sexually layered treatment as well.

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    You understand. Yes.
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    It’s about how they are being PRESENTED. Santana was scared of kissing Brittany at school (even though I’m sure they’ve...
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    Gotta agree with Bana on this one… I understand the argument that Santana hasn’t had a real onscreen kiss from someone...
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    Lol, no, sorry, no Bradtana. BrEadtana. Santana/Breadsticks. I still have manips in my dashboard. Hell, I even have fics...
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    Not gonna lie, that smacks of derailing to me - even if it’s unintentional. In no way can you equate Santana’s...
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    I agree. Considering WHY Mercedes hasn’t had a romantic storyline until now, Santana’s beard kisses do count. Because...
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    I ship breadtana. Shrubtana is still my crackship.
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