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wow. so Jill let another racist, cissexizt, classic, talking-bout-shit-they-dont-know-shit-about blogger make a post








over on that cracker jack website of hers.

Jill don’t give a shit about women, she really doesn’t.

I need someone to explain to me how she read the word whore being used that many times in one piece & didn’t peep game. Like I’m two. I’ll wait.

* hands you graham crackers and milk under blanky and waits for this storytime*

Okay, well, as a sex worker, in our writings about sex work and in our socialising with each other and in our political protests, we often use the word ‘whore’ as a form of reclaimation. It’s a word we’ve taken on in ownership. Specific discrimination against sex workers is described as ‘whorephobia’.  As the blogger in question is a sex worker (or was) - I don’t see how her using the word repeatedly should’ve indicated  - anything in particular? Unless somewhere it’s been proven her sex work history is fabricated? As a sex worker, the word whore is hers to reclaim and use and many sex workers find it liberating and powerful to pepper our work with it.

Of course, Feministe should’ve just done their damn research and not printed something by a blogger who has a history of racism, misogyny, sizeism and cissexism, and as a sex worker I’m fucking furious another sex worker has engaged in that sort of behaviour - but, given she also describes herself as a ‘courtesan’ and ‘honest’, she’s likely a particularly class-privileged worker who wouldn’t associate with any dirty street walkers. I mean, seriously, the only times I’ve seen the word ‘courtesan’ used these days is by girls (myself included) who want to give classist clients the impression the service is some sort of super-duper special high-end one. No one actually uses it in discourse seriously. Not if they have politics worth a damn.

‘Whore’… is another story.

Okay , I  am not the one to challenge how sex workers identify themselves . However as with all reclamation , I always feel like if i myself am NOT the group that is using reclaiming that slur?

And i wann publish it or link it or discuss it ( which most likely I shouldn’t but ‘nother kettle)

I wanna know who is doing this , what are the aims what are they coming form that they are reclaiming this now? Which frankly isn’t my call but lemme not just be willy nilly 

Not so I can approve or disapprove but so i can act responsibly towards folks and of course that missed F**** entirely

To answer your question a bit more comprehensively. Forgive me if it’s a bit rambly, I’m feeling pretty emotional:

‘Whore’ has been in a process of reclaimation amongst sex workers since the 70s with the likes of Annie Sprinkle and Scarlett Harlot. It’s been used in slogans and fun and defiance. It’s about taking back a word socially used to condemn us, insult us, belittle us, stigmatise us, etc.  Sex workers, even amongst so-called “supporters” and even amongst each other are often shamed for what we do. There’s a lot of heirarchical shit going on, like, if you do X sex work, that’s fine, that’s classy, but if you do Y sex work then you’re poor and cheap, etc. 

In the case of the article in question, that was, to my eyes (and note I have no time for racists, cissexists, misogynists and fatphobes regardless of how much sex work they’ve done) a sex worker using it in a reclaimative way.

It has become a ‘thing’ where some sex workers will just refer to each other as ‘whores’, in a casual way sort of way like ‘bro’ or ‘mate’ and that can carry on into writing. This can definitely be a shock to outsiders who don’t know what’s going on and understandably can cause negative reaction. I often want to just write ‘whore’ in my work but I make an effort to use sex worker instead so I’m not sending out the wrong message (like, that it’s ok for everyone to use the term) or confusing people about where I’m coming from. 

But if another sex worker is using ‘whore’ in a way that is clearly meant to be derogatory, then yeah I would want people to speak up. Non-sex workers? Well, it’s a bit stickier there, but I hate slut-shaming and misogynistic and whorephobic language and I think it’s important for people to point it out where they see it, in the same way I would point out racist and cissexist language where I see it.  I don’t think it’s okay for sex workers to shame each other with slurs associated with us and I also think context can inform when that is.

Sorry if none of that makes much sense. 

Oh no it makes sense, and don’t apologize if your sensitive about this .


and it’s a life that folks think they have all kinds of right to destroy and denigrate you for reasons that have everything to do with them and not your work .

But for me and not as a sex worker I may be sensitive , the way , the amount her general tone made me go … UHHHH and straight up?

on a site that hasn’t had the best track record when it comes to stuff like that?

I would want folks vetted to the HEAVENS because I could be doing damage to a  population that I am not a part of 

so for everything you say above I wonder why no one checked like it’s not important to be thorough?

and not for policing identity but because these are women we are talking about and we care for them?

Yes! I was the one to side eye the piece & the way it used the word, but I had also seen that blog before & so that might have informed my reaction. Plus…I pretty much expect fuckery from people who cosigned Schwyzer’s existence.