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Sign the petition. Lets get justice for Trayvon Martin.


If you care about human beings and their right to walk freely down the street without facing harm… if you care about human beings regardless of color, sex, pgp, or creed and their murderers running free…. if you think its wrong to hold someone else’s life as less than simply because he is black than sign the petition for Trayvon Martin. sign it because you are aware this world isn’t fair. you are aware that being a person of color in this world means that you may be shot and killed and your white murderer runs free. sign this because no parent should have to bury their child especially because of racism. Justice for Trayvon Martin.

Sign the petition, share the petition and call and email these people and tell them to release the 911 tapes and arrest Trayvon’s MURDERER

Bill Lee (Sanford chief of police) 407.688.5070 email:

Jeff Triplett (Mayor of Sanford) 407.688.5001 Email:

City Attorney for Sanford FL 407.322.2171 email:

A. Bryant Applegate (County Attorney) 407.665.7257


I’m reblogging this even though I’m sure it will help because it might make some folks feel better to do something.