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And I don’t care how many Black people you “know”. We are not here to use as a buffer against your racism.



Because you are racist.

Have you acknowledged your racism and privilege? Are you actively working to change things about yourself, about other White people, trying to dismantle the system?

Are you telling White people in the absence of PoC, “Hey, that’s racist!” and telling them why

Or do you keep letting that shit go by?

I don’t care how many PoC you know

I don’t care how many of them love your lily white ass and eat up your overt or supremacist bullshit

There are some of ya’ll who get it or are trying to get it, hey, praise whatever god or jesus you love.

Keep working. It’s a life time of work.

It’s a lifetime of work for some PoC to even become race conscious, it’s a life time of work

But you are not born not racist.

You are born into a racist society and often go through it doing nothing about it or learning nothing to oppose it.

So yeah, you’re racist.

That probably hurts your feelings

But I could die because of it. I could die because people don’t want to hurt White people’s feelings.

This is our lives.

Your feelings over my life?

The life of my people?



If your world didn’t keep building up these lies to erase the pain and struggles of my people, we wouldn’t keep having this.

We wouldn’t have to keep exploding in anger.

WE can only take so much.

I’m serious when I say only serious violence in the streets will take care of this.

Only the threat of violence or the mass movement of Black people have threatened Whites enough to even make MOVES towards  change.

So it’s the only way.

“Talking” is ya’ll’s way and it’s a lie

Because when White people have wanted things done, they have always used VIOLENCE.

For independence, for resources, for anything.

Lies and Violence.

So I want my people to go forth

But with Truth and Violence.

Cause Marching only gets beat the fuck up.

Staying silent only perpetuates ignorance.



If you’re not with us, you’re actively contributing to our deaths.

That’s realness.

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