I am also thinking of a dictionary of kinds of masturbation

Sassturbation: with attitude!

Lasturbation: before lent

Pasturbation: to vintage porn

Casturbation: with a broken arm

Disasturbation: when you’re interrupted by a sudden natural disaster

Jazzturbation: when you put on a miles davis record


bless this post.

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    Disaturbation happens to me all the time. Remember that bitch earthquake we had last year? Yeah.
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    Jazzturbation now officially on weekend to-do list.
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    I really REALLY like jazzturbation.
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    Massturbation: While at church
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    Or my personal favorite, procrasturbation. Think that speaks for itself.
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  16. austpicious said: I received this definition in my message box: 1) crassturbation- when you do it on the bus 2) blasturbation- when the crass dude doing it on the bus shoots his stuff all over the little granny sitting in front
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    lol. I thought disasturbation was maybe when your mom walked in on you … I suppose that could be construed as a “natural...
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