occasionally pensive: re who is heard on tumblr post


i will say

that i don’t understand why everybody is upset about that post about ‘who is being heard on tumblr’.

as someone who considers herself “heard” in the sense that i get notes and all that jazz

i didn’t get mad about it.

i don’t think that every critique can be automatically conflated…

I feel you on this.  I was honestly confused at first because I thought the OP was a Black woman. And for me it was kind of like, “Meh, this post is kinda bullshit. But it looks like a fellow Black woman.  Maybe she’s feeling hurt about something and processing it thru this passive-aggressive-ass post. Whatevs.”  But then I kept reading commentary on it and someone said OP was a man of color and then my hackles went up and I was like, “Well in that case…”

Idk. I did not feel about that post the same thing I felt about creatrixtiara’s regularly scheduled attacks on Black women.  I have a very different tolerance level for Black women saying bullshit things about Black women than I do other folks.

But I still value the commentary that’s come out of this. I rolled my eyes at the post for several reasons, but still wonder if the rebuttals are maybe a bit of misplaces anger at other folks?

But I’m genuinely open to being told I’m bullshitting and missing several points.

All of this could have been avoided if the OP had just focused on assisting other tumblrs he felt should be heard. Like how difficult would it have been to just start a tumblr for highlighting lesser known quality tumblrs? Other tumblrs popularity is irrelevant, and that’s the sticking point. Because instead of building healthy communities, as per the OP’s original intent, the discussion then becomes about implicitly assigning blame to and challenging the relevancy of other tumblr folks because people happen to agree with them. Which is, to say the least, problematic.

OP is a she! a black feminist and a VERY knowledgeable one at that! folk ain’t even know who she is and making all these judgments. i’ve been following HER basically since i’ve had a tumblr. and if ppl are looking for someone who is anti-black woman then they’re looking for somebody else honestly.

a lot of what *I* know about black feminism came from her.

She can be anti specific black women without being anti black women as a whole. Which is frankly how that post read to a lot of us for a good reason. You may not have seen this routine before, but this is at least my 5th time seeing this crabs in a barrel bullshit & I’m tired of it.

Who are we to say what she is and what she isn’t? Who are we to say that she is following some routine? 

I don’t know who you are, but I’m one of the people who has to hear this shit regularly & I’m tired of it. Instead of whining/getting sick of people who are “popular” try doing something proactive & talking up people who are “unpopular” if new voices are so important to you. But then that would require effort & admitting that people don’t have any control over what resonates with who.

@karnythia: I understand where you are coming from. But the OP wasn’t trying to start a movement. She clearly said that she’s whining. And she’s allowed to whine about something that bothers her on her own blog. 

But then that would require effort & admitting that people don’t have any control over what resonates with who.

This is true. But the OP never said that popular blogs have control. She was complaining about a phenomena (real or perceived) and she is allowed to do that. She is not required to go on and make a Michael Jackson change. Her blog, her life, her feelings.

No one said she couldn’t say it. But (as I’ve been told I don’t know how many times) people are going to comment on what gets posted & disagree with folks. That’s all that happened & people are acting like we called her everything but a child of God.

Folks said that she should have focused on something else. That wasn’t necessary. Folks did not call her everything but a child of God but I think the hostility and dare I say vitriol that came was unwarranted. Of course that’s my opinion. 

Hostility & vitriol? Folks are redefining words all over the place these days because nothing I saw came close to vitriol.

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