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WTF Is Wrong With NBC: New Show To Feature Sassy & Ghetto 9-Year-Old Queenetta

Daija Owens stars as a young Queenetta in NBC’s latest sitcom “Best Friends Forever.” A soft-spoken Daija portrays a sassy and ghetto 9-year-old who clashes with her two  white neighbors who have watched her grow up into the stereotype that she is.

In the trailer for the April premiere, Queenetta tells her adult friend that she better let go of her khaki pants now that she is back in the dating field; oh, and that she needs her nails done (conveniently drop a Drake lyric here). 

Queenetta, rolls (her eyes, necks) with the best of them. Her character would be cute if it didn’t depict black females as the loud, sassy, in-your-face, angry type-of-person the media commonly portrays us as. 

All this show does is prove that there can’t be a central character in a major production without he or she falling prey to a company’s lack of sensitivity and limited scope of black people. 

Not only is Queenetta’s name offensive, she clearly has no parents in the trailer (we all know there can only be one black character in these situations). 

Take a look at precious Queenetta: here.

I can’t with NBC. I really can’t.

white people collect your folks.