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Regardless of the fact she’s a larger woman, regardless of what a biased ass trying to sabotage everyone bar Rachel said, and regardless of the show throwing out the idea of laziness in order to push their half-baked plot line of Mercedes quitting Glee club, it doesn’t erase three seasons of hard work, group participation and dedication to what she’s doing.

A lazy person does not attend every booty camp session when they don’t enjoy it and could have just quit from the start, a lazy person would not be put up with on the Cheerios or by Sue, a lazy person does not dance during the majority of their performances, a lazy person doesn’t bother to learn the choreography for their competition performances, a lazy person does not participate in group numbers, a lazy person doesn’t ask for the lead in a play which requires a lot a practise and choreography – Mercedes Jones is no lazy person.

Not only is she not lazy, she’s an adept dancer, so…her being called out for booty camp was some epic bullshit and good on her for poo-pooing that.