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charientism: If you're Jewish and white and want to whine at me for how hard you have it: get out.



















This nigger gives no fucks because even if there are other people stepping on…

First ask yourself if you’re really being repressed. If you’re black and living in a 300000 dollar home and have a shitton of friends, maybe you COULD take a second to listen to a white jewish kid who’s getting made fun of every day

Being black doesn’t make you better than everyone else.

Tumblr person. Being Black and Famous is No Protection from Police Misconduct. In addition: Tyler Perry just got profiled by the police in Atlanta for driving while black and the FUCKING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IS DISRESPECTED, THREATENED WITH MURDER ON A DAILY BASIS, AND IS ALONG WITH HIS FAMILY RACISTLY ATTACKED EVERY FUCKING DAY. So your argument? Is BULLSHIT.

And Jews are never discriminated against or killed. Never ever. They all live in a perfect world, because the Holocaust happened so long ago, right? I mean, sure, slavery was older than that, but the effects lasted longer. There aren’t any negative stigmas attached to Jews nowadays. Only black people have ever been oppressed, and only white people have privilege. 

What world are you living in?

EDIT: I notice you didn’t make any comments about black people being better than everyone else because they’re oppressed. Is it because that’s really how you feel?

That’s NOT what she said. READ. She said: I don’t give a fuck about White Jews because they are oppressing me now. That’s what she said. She didn’t deny that Jews have been and continue to be the butt of discrimination. She said that she wasn’t about to deal with WHITE Jews, because THEY have joined in with the discrimination of black people. And she sure as fuck did not say that black people are better than anyone else because they are oppressed.  YOU were the one who got that out of her argument god knows how, and  came up with the frankly unbelievable  argument that black people don’t get oppressed when they change classes. 

So every single white person discriminates against black people. All of them. It’s all a great big conspiracy against you.

White people are the genesis of white supremacy, yes. They have created a system across the world in which people with white skins and those who can pass for white have on average the greatest amounts of opportunity, and care for their lives relative to nonwhites who cannot pass. Now obviously there are other axes of oppression, but in most every every sphere of reference, a comparison of the lot of whites to the lot of nonwhites will show that whites generally make out better. In America, for instance, white trans women do not make up the bulk of people being killed for their gender. That would be black trans women, followed by Latina Trans women.  White women might earn 70 odd cents to a White man’s dollar, but Latina women earn 50 odd cents to a dollar and Black Women earn about 60 odd cents to a dollar. And Black MEN earn about 70 cents to a white man’s dollar. In Israel…nonwhite Israelis face school segregation and other fuckeries, and god especially help you if you are of Arab descent, be ye Christian Muslim or Jewish.

 White disabled people have way more visibility in the movement against ableism than non white disabled people. When white girls go missing, the news has fits. When nonwhite girls go missing, we reblog them on tumblr. Blakc women had to make up a website to track down missing black girls because no matter what we did, the mainstream news didn’t give a fuck.   Also: Trayvon Martin, Jasmine Thar, Kenneth Chamberlain, Rekiah Boyd and the list goes on and on and on.  

In the Caribbean and Africa and South and Central America, countries that were former colonial subjects are being fucked over by the white European and Usian run IMF and Wold Bank who give them loans with onerous economic conditions which lead to starvation and lack of development for their people’s and great profit for White European countries and the US. In addition, they are forced to sign free trade agreements that destroy their local economies and allow European and American compnies to dump cheap goods on them. Plus America and European countries interfere with their political processes in order to make sure that only governments that are subservient to their interests get into power. Obvs. those interests don’t result in the people of those countries being prosperous and self sufficient. Which is why a lot of people are forced to immigrate for a better life… to Europe and the US. Well. Immigrants who are nonwhite get accused of destroying the fabric of White Majority Countries with their barbaric costumes, while white immigrants are not a fucking problem. And it goes on and on and on through every sphere of difference. Its a SYSTEM. White lives are considered human and precious. Nonwhite lives are not.

Now. You participate in the system automatically because you are white. That’s what’s called privilege. It is what it is. Now you can join in to fight the system, to overturn the setup that allows you unearned privilege or you can do what you were doing just now and deny the privilege, misread and misrepresent black people’s complaints and then whine irritably when its been pointed out that you wrong, doe. Up to you. Suggested reading if you do decide to start fighting your privilege is The History of White People.

Have a good day.

I’ve probably done more charity work with innercity (mostly black) children, trying to help them get a leg up in life, than you ever will. I’m trying to solve the problem, but making white people into enemies isn’t solving anything. Work on equality instead of judgment. Yes, there’s white privilege, but there’s also Christian privilege, and if you don’t think that it’s just as bad you’re blind. I never want to be like you, someone who thinks that a person’s character is based on how oppressed they are. Sorry if that makes me a racist. Sorry if that makes me whiney. But I believe in equality, and that means not telling black children that they’re less than whites, and not telling white children that they’re better than blacks. 

Ladies and gentlemen. This is why so many poc don’t give a fuck about educating white people. Because they stick their fingers in their ears, scream lala I can’t hear you, demand cookies for their “charity work”, insist on lying about, and misrepresenting people’s positions and in general retreat into white supremacy screaming bloody murder. Fuck you.

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