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Florida is Home to a Rapper Sent to Jail for 2Years for doing a Cop Killer Song



“In the wake of the Trayvon Martin situation many are re-examining the strange case of Lakeland, Florida resident Antavio Johnson. Two years ago Johnson known as DJ TO was charged with 2 counts of Treat To a Public Servant due to saying the names of two Lakeland Police Department officers from Polk County Florida. According to an article detailing the case in the The Ledger, DJ TO was facing 5 years on each charge but accepted a plea bargain for 2 years total. You can read that story HERE

The song was discovered by Polk County sheriff’s Cyber Crime unit  after it was put on the MySpace page of a local record promotion company called Hood Certified Ent .

On the YouTube page, HCE head Lucky posted the following;

I myself, “Lucky” from HCE was locked up with T.O. and I still remain friends with him. I’ve come out publicly saying that I take full blame for the outcome of this case. With that said like I said on a news interview “I will never apologize to the law enforcement community however I do apologize to T.O. because if cops are threatened by the lyrics of a song, then they are in the wrong line of work.”

Apparently because DJ TO was on parole, it’s speculated that him making threats even in a song was somehow a violation.. The ACLU disagrees.. All of us should pause for a minute and take stock in how powerful police officers have become over the past few years. We now have some states where it’s illegal to film them. We have a Policeman’s Bill of Rights in states all over the country including California and Florida where its difficult for the public to have access to police abuse reports. In Cali, its damn near impossible to use that information in court cases. We in Cali found this out during the Oscar Grant case, when the past abuses of former BART cop Johannes Mehserle was inadmissible.”

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