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George Zimmerman forgot to tell his lawyer about his PayPal donations



  • $150,000 the amount George Zimmerman’s bond was set at when he was released last week after a contentious bond hearing
  • $200,000 the amount George Zimmerman had in PayPal donations sitting around at the time of that hearing; it wasn’t mentioned at all source

» Trayvon’s lawyer wants his bond revoked: A few weeks back, when George Zimmerman was having lawyer trouble, he put up a Web site asking publicly for donations, complete with a PayPal link. People donated in the hundreds of dollars to Zimmerman’s legal fund. According to his lawyer, Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman didn’t inform him of the donations until this week, and they’re now under his authority. That said, Zimmerman will most assuredly need the funds — O’Mara’s normal rate is $400 per hour, and he’s already worked 100 hours on the case. Do the math on that one, guys. This morning, the judge in the case asked to learn more information on how this happened, while the lawyers for Trayvon’s family say that during the bond hearing, Zimmerman and his lawyer acted as though “that they did not have any money.” Lots of drama here.

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murderers of black children get $200k in support.

as perfectly decent people starve.

that bounty,

when youre black, you cant claim it for another black body.  we dont get rewards for killing each other. but everyone else does for killing us. anti-blackness is so profitable.

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