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The thing that sucks about Girls and Seinfeld and Sex and the City and every other TV show like them isn’t that they don’t include strong characters focusing on the problems facing blacks and Latinos in America today. The thing that sucks about those shows is that millions of black people look at them and can relate on so many levels to Hannah Horvath and Charlotte York and George Costanza, and yet those characters never look like us. The guys begging for money look like us. The mad black chicks telling white ladies to stay away from our families look like us. Always a gangster, never a rich kid whose parents are both college professors. After a while, the disparity between our affinity for these shows and their affinity towards us puts reality into stark relief: When we look at Lena Dunham and Jerry Seinfeld, we see people with whom we have a lot in common. When they look at us, they see strangers.

Hipster Racism Runoff And The Search for The Black Costanza

Earlier in the week after reading both the AV Club’s “won’t anyone think of the offended white people” article, and in the week prior, Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “so what, who cares” response to WOC being less than pleased with “The Show” I mentioned that it would be nice to see a relatively prominent journalist, who is also a man of color, write an article about why representation is important and why these conversations are necessary. In this article, Cord Jefferson manages to break down some of these issues in a (surprisingly?) thoughtful way. 

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and this is why I think WOC need to continually go HAM , because when it comes down to it. T Coates and the AV club get paid to name OUR price .

They get paid to say whether or not our hurts are with anything

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