To Colorblinding:



No seriously, what the fuck. Look at my Tumblr and look at the time stamps. I made this post right here. So don’t accuse me of not following up on my initial claim, because I sure as hell did before you went and policed me like I need someone to tell me how to be courteous. 

You claimed strugglingtobeheard of policing you.

But this is what you originally said to her after she expressed anger at feeling violated and dehumanized as someone’s study object:

Wait a minute, hold on a sec. Not everyone who is in African American Studies and interested in learning more about black women and their struggles are doing so from “some fucked up self-serving point of view that will probably reinforce all of their already ingrained stereotypes.” What if this person actually just really wants to learn as to not reinforce stereotypes? And is genuinely interested in learning more about black experience and community on Tumblr, or what have you? I don’t know, I guess I tend to be more hopeful about the idea that maybe it’s not some person trying to treat you like a lab rat or some shit; that maybe they just genuinely want to learn from you? 

So who is policing whom?

There is so much wrong and so much violence in how strugglingtobeheard was treated as a study OBJECT WITHOUT HER PERMISSION and your empathy-less response to her legitimate feelings of violation and anger. You show an unconscionable lack of knowledge or care for how Black women have been treated and fetishized and gawked at and studied throughout history and, yes, online.

Just to remind everyone, this same thing happened to a Black woman twitter user from Detroit. Here is the name of the Gizmodo article:  Why I Stalk a Sexy Black Woman on Twitter (And Why You Should, Too)

I am near shaking I am so enraged by your consistent, willful lack of care for Black people.

You will not keep treating us like this. You will not.

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