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Also, can we talk about how the onus is on black people to speak up for Asian people, but apparently not on Asian people to speak up for black people in colorblinding’s world? Like, how one sided is your concept of coalition building & solidarity that you can’t see that basic two way street, never mind consider how many of the people being addressed are mutiracial? Like, the identity policing & politics being laid out in these conversations (every damned time no less) always boil down to a place where we’re supposed to act a certain way & accept certain things or we’re the problem. Somehow these convos never include the idea that we have a right to dictate any part of the discourse, much less our own feelings.


she’s talmabout she watching black tumblrs carefully to see what they reblog

uh, bitch, watch your own damn self because your peeps outside of the same damn 4 people wasn’t even LOOKING over here AT ALL

and from someone who has spoken to her on aim, i can guarantee she was not “carefully reading and paying attention to” all of these black tumblrs

and as if MILLIONS of black people didn’t have to lose their fucking LIVES over HUNDREDS of years to finally at least be recognized by SOME people (not colorblinding, apparently!) as ‘deserving’ basic fucking humanity.

i didn’t see us asian-americans putting our lives on the line by the millions and fighting and dying for years and years and years to get some BASIC, VERY basic recognition, only to STILL be shat all over by even our fellow POC.

like, fuck you, colorblinding. fuck you.

I’m just going to point out that historically, Asian workers did not rebel in the same way other POCs did because of the fear of deportation.  If you didn’t agree, you were kicked out of the country. The choice was between degradation and providing for your family back home, or learning how to adapt to being treated like shit.

Hence the whole “model minority” thing with Asians assimilating. And yes, part of that assimilation was discerning themselves from “The Black People.”

POCs are often historically pitted against each other.

But as an Asian blogger, I’m just going to say this:

Yes, Black causes tend to get more visibility, but it is because historically, BLACK PEOPLE HAVE BEEN THE RUBRIC FOR WHAT IS NOT WHITE. 

Throughout American history, Asians have either been shat on, or (in the case of Middle Eastern and Filipinos) considered white.  Why? Because they WEREN’T. BLACK.

Yes, there are issues that are pan-POC, and there are some issues that do not get recognized by the media and are perpetuated by other POCs that are exclusively asian problems (I hate to say this, but I have been approached by many Black men who have really strong Asian fetishes. Asian fetishization is not white-exclusive).  

That being said, it doesn’t fucking matter in this context. Because you want Black people who blog about Black problems and Black issues to suddenly become YOUR spokesperson too.  

They’re not. 

Yes, sometimes it helps to “work together.”

But there is no way in fuck you can convince me that somehow it’s a Black blogger’s obligation to put aside their own personal experiences and causes to advocate for yours, just because of their visibility. 

No. Fuck that.