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So you’re non-black and don’t react to something the way those niggers do.


What should you do?

  • Try to understand why they do it that way?
  • Sit around on your whiteness-induced high horse not realizing that your reaction, while more socially acceptable, is based on a scale of what white people can expect, and has a long history of medicalizing and demonizing black people for such? (Anti-social disorder makes no real fucking sense if you have to worry about every fucking person you meet tryina kill you. Black children are left behind/considered mentally ill because they do not hug strangers out of being taught not to trust them, rightfully.)

Many of you non-black PoC and white people do the latter; especially the closer to white and pale East Asian y’all are. (See also: the benefits of being not-black in US society.)

Let’s use a huge exaggeration to begin to illustrate my point. Follow closely now.

Let’s pluck a kid out of a war zone. That kid has been used to hearing bombs go off in nearby territories and never knows when a person she meets on the street is going to pull out a gun and kill them all.

Is it reasonable to expect that kid to jump and run upon hearing a loud sound similar to a gunshot or a bomb?

Of course it is. That’s fucking common sense. Not even a koolaid-drinking PoC or a white person could argue that’s completely logical.

Now, do you think that if the person was removed from the war zone and was merely told “it’s safe now”, they would be able to trust that? Do you not think that the kid would STILL jump and run upon hearing loud sounds?

Of course they would. It’s called PTSD and it’s considered a highly sympathetic mental illness to have.

Now let’s take a kid in a really shitty neighborhood. Heard gunshots outside of his window every week, every other person is a drug dealer, there’s no money coming into the community, just going out. No hope.

How many people do you think that kid is going to trust offhand?

Not many, right? That’s called common sense.

Even if that kid leaves that place, they’re not going to magically start trusting anyone, right? 

Why would they? That don’t make no sense. That’s called PTSD—except it’s not, when it’s a black kid. It’s called “anti-social personality disorder”. If it’s a black girl, it’s called “borderline personality disorder”.

Now what if you went through your entire life being microaggressed on by white people all damn day, every day?

You wouldn’t trust em right? What if no matter how many chances you gave, the outcome was still the same; you got fucked over.

That’s called common sense. Except it’s not in this society. That makes you sick, and not with anything that’s considered sympathetic. You got a “personality” problem.

That’s white privilege.