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So there’s a convo about appropriation by people of the diaspora running across my dash. And there’s some valid points in there, but again I notice that no one wants to discuss who’s appropriating hip hop, jazz, the blues, etc & erasing Black Americans from their own cultural products. All these convos never seem to include the idea of a two way street when it comes to Black Americans transmitting and receiving influences. Funny that…

i mean i don’t know if this is supposed to be a call out to me specifically but i don’t know a time when i haven’t been explicit about the problematic appropriation of Black American culture by the entire fucking world. So……. i mean if i come off as trying to say some shit like that let me be clear. Apropriating continental African-ness is a problem to me  and I’m going to call it out but so is everyone who isn’t a Black American shitting on Black America as if they don’t all export our cultural idioms left and right.

Not a call out of you at all. Just me noting a trend in the conversations that bugs me. I spent a not inconsiderable amount of time today discussing music history & I’m cranky with the world so I’m not trying to get that on anyone else.

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