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I’ve worked. I did shows, I did guest spots, I did things in movies. I had a career, I paid my bills. I don’t not work because of my color, I don’t not work because of my age. I think the whole Blaxploitation thing, financially it was very rewarding and it helped [the studios] through some rough times. They used it, and then when they didn’t need it anymore, they didn’t need it anymore. For me, that’s pretty much how everything works. So is race involved? Yeah, race is involved, but also some of it is just business. This is what we do, and this is how we do it; we use you, and then we don’t. We exploit a situation or a person or whatever and then we move on. So I try to not look at everything as though it’s about race. First of all it will make you crazy and paranoid, and secondly it’s not always about that. I do what I do because I have to stay sane, and if you just play that race card all the time you will not be sane. You will be angry and not a happy person. It’s not how I want to run my life. - Marlene Clark