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im starting to realize that that worldwide condition of missing the forest for individual trees

is basically


in a nutshell

when people arent taught to contextualize every day fare into the grand overarching scheme

they will argue for ever that every single separate action and event that forms the network and system we all live under, exists in a vacuum and isnt tied to the other 897897897868767 events along the same hierarchal lines.

I find very few people actually do live in this level of ignorance, because mostly when confronted with a few pieces of evidence, one would go, “Oh shit” and start tying things together - instead they pretend to not see it and roll a big ball of denial and defensiveness.  

You know, “Trayvon was shot for being suspicious, well, it was his hoodie, actually it was because he got into trouble at school, actually it was because he had weed in his bloodstream from sometime in the last 60 days, actually it was…”

They’ll have a million excuses every time, and anything to not talk about what is in front of them at all.

It’s all isolated incidents.  Like “accidentally” stabbing someone 86 times because your hand slipped.