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Pocket Con: A one day convention for Chicago Teens


Big plug for Pocket Con, in Chicago.  July 7th, 12-6pm. It’s free for teens, and the adults who accompany them.

What is Pocket Con?

Pocket Con is a single day convention for Chicago Teens. It focuses on work by artists of color, particularly African American authors and artists, as well as comics with a primary character who is Black.

Pocket Con also features work in the comic genre by other underrepresented groups, such as women and LGBT authors/characters, as well as topics of related interest, such as small-budget film-making, radio drama, and zines.

Our mission for this event is primarily to promote literacy using the graphic novel format, reflect on the history of race and gender portrayal in comics and film, and introduce characters, writers and authors who have a different voice than the primarily white, primarily male, primarily straight characters written by generations of comic authors (themselves primarily white, straight, and male). We would also like to empower young writers and artists by introducing them to the collaborative process that is comic creation, and encourage them to produce and submit work of their own for contests at the con.

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