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Looks like the judge had a change of heart. The truancy charges against 17-year-old honor student Diane Tran, which landed her in jail and received national attention, have reportedly been rescinded: Charges dropped against honor student jailed for truancy.

According to court records, Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Lanny Moriarty signed an order that vacates Tran’s contempt of court conviction, which would allow for the issue to be expunged from her record.

Tran, whose parents split up and left her on her own, was working two jobs to support two siblings, on top of trying to keep up with homework for her heavy course load. Understandably, she’s exhausted, and missed a few classes.

The judge previously said that he wanted to make an example out of her, but it’s pretty clear now that he wasn’t aware, or never even bothered to understand, the extenuating circumstance behind Diane’s absences

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