Esoterica: On the privilege of being invisible



So this post by Riley about the only thing that Black people have over other minorities is visibility touches on something I’ve been meaning to write about. Namely, the privilege of being visible.

To a certain extent you often see white queers (or Asians,…

The anger comes from the fact that Black people, especially Black Americans, have ANYTHING AT ALL. We’re niggers after all and niggers ain’t supposed ta have shit.

When I see non-Black POC complaining about the focus on Black people in mainstream media or politics, and the willingness to OVERLOOK that the focus is entirely negative and exploitative, ultimately, I see the core of their argument to boil down to:

“How dare you spend EVEN THAT MUCH time on THOSE PEOPLE?!? Surely WE deserve more attention than THEY do!!!”

And again, the unwillingness to look at the fact that the entirety of attention on Black people in mainstream media is a reinforcement of stereotypes to either make Black people out to be the boogieman of the country or to harken back to rewarding the happy servant stereotype, with nothing inbetween, much less any actual voice.

I was also thinking about the backlash “popular” black bloggers can face for building their own platforms & developing a following. I’ve had 88468436 convos about my popularity in which no one wants to hear about the price I pay for choosing to be black, female, & a loudmouth on the internet. Rape threats, death threats, & general harassment (including lynching porn) are par for the course, but we’re supposed to be silent & hand over the mic on demand because we’re getting too much attention? Look, be happy all I do is curse out people who say that shit to me. That’s way gentler than what I want to do.

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