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I seem to have a ton of new followers. Umm, I hate to break this to you, but some days I don’t say good useful things. I post about racism, feminism, womanism, history, porn, fandom, my life, & whatever dross runs through my brain. Mostly story bits, weird news, & ranting that is sometimes funny. Also food. I’m a huge fan of food & I feel like it’s can never be admired or consumed enough. Admittedly I live with a teenaged boy so I’m often hungry since he eats everything that can’t get away. Just so you know what you’re getting into, I really hate 50 Shades of Grey & wish people would read good porn. I’ll happily give recs if you need them. Because quality porn is as important as quality food. Also, I have a thing for drink recipes & crafty shit. You may get tired of any & all of the above relatively quickly. It’s fine. I know my brain is run by magpies.