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uh, this is me, requesting links to good porn. I could always use some more good porn. yup.

So my fave porn tends to be D/s centric & kind of het. Mostly. Sometimes.

There’s Moxy Irish on literotica. I prefer After Boot Camp, but none of them are bad though Boot Camp was a little pointless to me. Secretary_Fic over on LJ. Long, & occasionally problematic, but there is a sincere effort to address characters flaws as part of the narrative. Jane Davitt (one of the writers of Secretary_Fic) is also published & has some great stuff of the M/M persuasion. I’m not home so I’ll have to come back later with more recs if these don’t suit your fancy.

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    Someone still remembers Secretary! Wow. We wrote that back in, umm, 2004? God, I miss writing that epic smutfest every...
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    Hooray! Porn! I like D/s stuff…. a lot. heh. I don’t really care about gender, but I never get to read het! Mostly...
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