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**TW: RAPE**

A survey of 11-to-14 year-olds found:
· 51% of the boys and 41% of the girls said forced sex was acceptable if the boy, “spent a lot of money” on the girl;
· 31% of the boys and 32% of the girls said it was acceptable for a man to rape a woman with past sexual experience;
· 87% of boys and 79% of girls said sexual assault was acceptable if the man and the woman were married;
· 65% of the boys and 47% of the girls said it was acceptable for a boy to rape a girl if they had been dating for more than six months.

Societal Attitudes Supporting Rape (via searchingforavila)

This is fucking scary, and it shows that we do live in a “rape culture” in which abusers and rapists have little idea that they are doing something wrong. My abuser didn’t….

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In which we despair for the universe…

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There are so many of these horrible survey results, and everyone should know them and then tell me there’s no such thing as misogyny and rape culture.

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