I could be conjecturing…

But I think it’s very apparent many Samcedes shippers aren’t battle-tested in the “shipping a black woman with a popular lead white character” life cycle - i.e., they’ve never watched soap operas. Because if they have, they’d know the black woman gets a really good (as in, good buildup, good writing, good-to-orgasmic chemistry) couple weeks/months with the popular lead white male character and then it gets 1.) unceremoniously dumped, 2.) never referenced, again and 3.) the black woman will cease to exist on the show forever while the popular lead white character goes on to fall in love as an OTP with some (and quite frequently brand new) white woman or a white woman he’d never said two words to until after his pretty damn epic relationship with the black woman…which is suddenly retconned and torpedoed from existence.  This is what’s going on with Glee it appears, which is why I’ve continued to say I don’t ever need Samcedes on my screen again to know they’re an actual endgame (especially for Sam); but he’s too conventionally attractive and white to keep him tied by a black woman who’s hardly there (which is why I’m side-eyeing all these rumors Fabrevans will be revisited, but not enough to not think it won’t happen, meh).  And frankly, as much as I’d like another ‘Cedes ship (a quality one, though, not a slapped together no1curr Shanecedes 2.0 - no matter how “fine”/”not fine” dude is), I’m about 97% my girl won’t get any more loving ever on this show, which is some bullshit.  If I didn’t love Amber so much, I’d definitely stop watching.  But, thank good for my trial by soap opera fire, or else I’d be going mad.

And add in the fact that she’s a fat black woman? Yeah, it’s gonna be retconned like a mofo and Amber is gonna probably get ZERO play. Pretty much a ‘alright, Mammy, you got your relationship quota, now go back to being the sexless sidekick’

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    YAA! Kim, read this freaking post and tell me it’s not what we’ve been talking about for months. Because us IR...
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    oh man John and Evangeline on One life to live totally killed me they were fabulous together and then nothing. they were...
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    Shonda Rhimes, anyone?
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    Amen to this post!
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    Praise this post. I learned from Jason/Keisha and more recently Mestiny: Destiny/Matthew that black women get the short...
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    I really hope not
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    In an interview with Levar Burton on The Nerdist, they asked him why Gordi never had a love intreats. He said that as...
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    And add in the fact that she’s a fat black woman? Yeah, it’s gonna be retconned like a mofo and Amber is gonna probably...
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  19. thempress said: Not just soap operas though, it’s like all of television. I learned it as a child via Saved By the Bell. The only lasting relationship was Boy Meets World with Shawn and Angela and they still “broke up” in the end.
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