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Luxury Italian fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana presented their Spring 2013 collection on Sunday — and while the toy soldier printed dresses and striped rompers were kitschy, it was the images of dark-skinned, slave-like African women splashed on burlap-sack frocks and adorning the ears of models that made some people cringe.

In fact, the folks over at called the looks “cartoonish, debasing, subaltern imagery that would make even your politically incorrect Grandpa think twice.” Ouch.

Huffington Post has a poll asking whether or not people find this racist. In my humble opinion, yes it is. I really wish the fashion industry would stop using black women’s bodies as accessories and costumes. It’s beyond insulting. Right now, the poll is at 42% of people thinking it’s racist and 57% thinking it’s not. I don’t have the heart to look at the comments.


you need to delete your life if you don’t think this is racist.


Hate or love that its a vote. Just go vote.

Think about how many ppl are gonna see those results. If its overwhelmingly (90%+) on the “its racist” side, it may make ppl think.

Or @ the very least, feel shame.

Shame on you, D&G.

But wait, there’s MORE! 

well.. why would they use it if they think its something of disgust. seems to me that the racists are the ones thinking that the idea behind this was of malicious intent. is it wrong for someone or anyone to think that darkskin is beautiful enough to present? if the images were lightskin would you catch the same feelings?

and sidenote, i aint never seen no image of a slave with flowers in her hair. looks more like a brazilian inspiration.

just my opinion. it’s funny how you all think it’s ugly and they ones presenting it are the racist ones. foh.

Pick up a history book. Or a dictionary. Hell use Wikipedia & look up Blackamoor. Or just shut the fuck up until you know something about the topic being discussed.

oops. my bad for not jumping straight into my feelings. and actually looking at the fashion show in context.

but your favorite big box retailer stereotypes you all into market segments, and this is the most racist shit the fashion industry does.

but ya’ll still runnin around in F21 “tribal print”


I did look at it in context. The actual social and historical context of this imagery and what it means in an industry that erases actual black women. Fuck out of here, if you think hand waving depictions of black women as slaves in a runway show isn’t problematic. And boo, I’m grown. I don’t shop at Forever Ripoff. But thanks for playing!

oh forreal? i guess Aspire Magazine wasn’t featured in Vogue. i guess we are being erased. damn.

blahhhh. i can’t with people who dig so deep to make themselves angry.

I can’t with people who don’t bother to look past the end of their own nose.

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