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Really though, if you knew how many women in the military (and I’m including myself), rationalize away unwanted sexual contact because rape crisis services on base are a goddamned joke, and they already know reporting it won’t do any good. Or how many women are on HBC because they know they can’t totally prevent assault (especially in certain male dominated MOS’s or if you’re embedded in a primarily male unit that goes to the field/gets deployed often), so they get on Depo or Norplant or the Ring, and hope that their battle buddies are actually buddies…like, I know the popular discourse is around abortion access, but those lower ranked women? Are most likely WOC with a sprinkling of poor white women, and their assailants are often higher in rank and/or social standing within the unit.

That’s before we get into how many curious white boys who are already officers go trawling through the enlisted ranks for potential targets who are younger, smaller, and easy to intimidate. Or how often consent isn’t really consent, so much as a way to avoid being hurt when you know that you’re in a space with the wrong motherfucker and options are limited. I’m tired of broads who didn’t serve, and who have no idea what its like talking for those of us who did, but I also know the mythos around the military already erases women, says that we’re not tough enough, or we’re only there to catch a husband, and mainstream feminism doesn’t want to hear anything we have to say anyway.