Black Women, Violence, Or Why is Our Pain Funny to You?

So I asked this question on Twitter, but then I realized I wanted to ask it here too. As all the discussions circulate about domestic violence blackface at Waverly & the bus driver in Cleveland who decided to punch a belligerent female passenger at what point do we talk about why so many are quick to laugh about violence against black women? When do we talk about domestic violence stats in the black community & how often violence against black women is encouraged and supported by the mainstream narrative that black women are strong and can’t be hurt?

I’m totally willing to have a discussion about racialized misogyny, and what it means to say that WOC can never be victimized, but I’m not sure we’re ready to have it. Because it would mean talking about sexual abuse of black women before the age of 18, and intimate partner violence like black women are human. And so far I’m not seeing too many people willing to recognize our humanity, much less our vulnerability to violence. So when can we start the conversation, and how long before it is about the health and safety of black women, and not just another discourse on how we need to support black men?

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    My thoughts exactly; this whole waverly thing is so unthinkable, so revolting. given such blatantly oppressive acts why...
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  5. himteckerjamming answered: I see the pattern. Oh yes. As someone who was abused and more my shit always got laughs. Unlike my white friends.
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  13. keepbringingit answered: We can’t have this discussion in part because so many (intelligent, educated) black women SUPPORT this bullshit.
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    Last year, I went on a mini-rant about how black women are treated lower than dogs. This was brought on by the number of...
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