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plz help me go to present at the National Conference for Black Studies!


peace! i have the deepest biggest favor to ask.

I’m a senior majoring in Black Studies at SUNY New Paltz, and I was selected as the 2nd place winner for the National Conference for Black Studies student essay contest 2013 for my essay on “The Racial Disparities in Treating and Diagnosing Mental Health Disorders”! (see my post about it for more info).

I was invited to present my paper, but the conference is in Indianapolis, INDIANA, and I’m in New Paltz, New York :( Recently, I requested money from my school to go with a friend who is also majoring in Black Studies. We got approved for $1,000, but that’s a fraction of the total cost to actually travel there, stay in a hotel, and register for the conference. Overall, the trip costs about $1,670 total. 

The conference is on March 14th. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us and we would really like to go. If you could please support, any amount helps. Donate» here. 

To return the love, I will email a copy of my essay to each person who donates something.

(If the link doesn’t work plz let me know.)

Peace and thank you!

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