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Clinton holds the door for EckfordElizabeth Eckford on 9/4/1957


“On September 4, 1957, Elizabeth Eckford walked to this door for her first day of school, utterly alone.  She was turned away by people who were afraid of change, instructed by ignorance, hating what they simply could not understand.  And America saw her, haunted and taunted for the simple color of skin, and in the image caught a very disturbing glimpse of ourselves.”

-President William J. Clinton in his remarks at the 40th anniversary of the desegregation of Central High School.  September 25, 1997.

In these photos, President Clinton holds open the doors of Little Rock Central High School for Elizabeth Eckford, one of the Little Rock Nine.  The picture below shows 15-year-old Elizabeth Eckford on the first day that she tried to attend Central High School

More - The Little Rock Nine at the 40th Anniversary of the Desegregation of Little Rock Central High School

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Website documents 15,000+ African-Americans to Liberia, 1820-1904

Detailed information on 15,000+ African-American emigrants to Liberia can be found at the recently launched website: . While access to the site is free of charge, news users are required  to register. The database includes information on birth year (where  available), town/country of origin, state of origin (including “Indian  Territories”), denominational affiliation, family relations among  emigrants, destination in Liberia, ships on which they travelled, and  year of emigration. The many features of the site can be best  experienced by searching for “Hilary Teage” or “John Brown Russwurm,”  for example. Their pages include genealogical links and maps showing  locations where they lived, as well as other information and images.  Over time, similarly detailed information will be added for as many  persons in the database as possible.

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I’m Not Mad You’re Not Dating A Black Woman



By: Eden Hansom

I personally DON’T CARE who you date. 

It is what it is. People are attracted to whoever they’re attracted to. I myself have no problem dating out of my race and I HAVE. However, I DO NOT and WILL NOT put SPECIFIC race or ethnicity on a pedestal because of generalizations!

As usual, with my group of friends, we were having a nice conversation about interracial dating. Since the group consists of mostly men and just two females it got serious. Aside from one black man in the group, most the guys tend to date outside of their race. I wasn’t irritated with that. A friend of ours had REALLY pissed me off because he was putting up all these stereotypical generalizations about black women and putting every other NON-BLACK WOMAN on a precious pedestal. 

He said the usual cliche’ “Y’all have attitudes and you’re just too much…….when I’m with a Latina or a Brazilian babe they just treat me right, ya know?” 

NO I DON’T KNOW MOTHERF*CKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was pissed. My best friend/sister was pissed. Was this N*gga serious???? Yes he was! How the HELL can you generalize like that when YOU, a black man, Nigerian man get judged all the damn time?! Then to turn around and judge the women in your community!!!!! Get serious! I felt disrespected. I felt like my best friend was disrespected. I felt like he disrespected his sister and mother. And in the same breath says, “Oh, not y’all, y’all are different.” I never got that… insult me and then try to cover it up like I’m not apart of the group that you just insulted, when in fact I am. 

People, ESPECIALLY these men who have their “preferences”, don’t base your views and ideas on generalizations and assumptions. Not only do you they offend the people around you, like your loved ones, but they also hinder YOU from personal growth. 

Dating people SPECIFICALLY for the future outcome of having offspring with “good hair” or “lighter skin” also doesn’t help you or your family. What ever burdens of color you may have, YOU WILL PASS ON TO YOUR CHILDREN. Stop poisoning your mind with this bullshit and love yourself in order to love YOUR PEOPLE and everyone else for that matter. This self-hatred is pathetic.

People kill me with this assumption that people of any color are automatically better partner material than people of any other color. It’s just foolishness that you shouldn’t ever let out of your mouth. 

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wwii african americans bout to light up hitler


wwii african americans bout to light up hitler

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Kill em With Kindness: You better ACT like you know that Living Single came before Friends.


I was reading a poll about Living Single versus Friends.

Someone said “I never watched Living Single, but Friends can beat any show from the nineties, hands down.”


Living Single started in August 1993, a story…

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