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1605. Seems like my old question is left up to personal perspective. Was the future Superhoodie guided them down worth it? Neither he nor Alisha survive it. All his friends do, but he chooses to stay in the loop with the woman he loves rather than leave her. Is that romantic or sad? Or is Curtis right and its both?


Actually I think it’s kind of foolish. But I don’t subscribe to the loop being inevitable & unbreakable theory.


1302. I’m so annoyed that Alisha didn’t get her own episode this series. It feels like the writers have forgotten her and just linked her with Simon for everything. Curtis, Rudy and Kelly all got their own episodes this series and Simons is next week - the last episode. Even Seth got his own episode.

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MisFits Season 3 Episode 7

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1195. When Alisha talked about other options for Curtis and the baby it made me wonder if she’s ever had an abortion. She probably has considering her past.

Yes, because safe sex is totally beyond women who enjoy sex. This motherfucking fandom. OMG,


1058. Fans bristle about Alisha’s sex life being brought up because at this point she’s the only character to have her past mentioned continuously and negatively. Simon’s creepiness has been totally forgotten. No one repeatedly tells Curtis that he screwed up and threw his dreams away over drugs. Kelly is now lauded for her violent tendencies. (Because violence is more acceptable than sexuality in a woman.) Only Alisha is singled out for this treatment.


1051. i dont understand why everyone ignores that the black girl raped the black guy. i stopd watching after that.

No one ignores it. The characters talked about it during & after the ep.


1055. Every time someone makes a confession against Curtis or Alisha the same group of people reblog it and play the race card. They’re just as bad as the people that only want Simon on the show.

Yes, because calling out racism in the way fandom treats characters of color is playing the race card. GMAFB.


807. Do any of them even HAVE parents? The only one’s we’ve met is Nathan’s. They’re supposed to be in their early twenties and yet it seems they’re totally independent. Where are they getting their money from? The only one that has a job is Curtis and that’s working in a shitty bar. How can Simon afford to maintain his flat? Simon probably lived at home back when he was cripplingly shy, so wouldn’t his parents find it a bit odd that he has such a fancy flat? I wish their was more background info.

Alisha was working at the bar too, & theoretically Kelly could be back to working for the council. But my guess is that they’ll hand wave it away by saying they’re on the dole if they ever mention it at all.


770. Alisha technically raped Curtis, but it’s not the same, because she didn’t know that he didn’t have any control, and he wasn’t aware of what was going on. remember? she didn’t think it was against his will




Um. LOL. No. 

She raped him. 

And then remember when he said she raped him? 

It was rape. 

What femmenoire said.

No. It was rape.

She knew he didn’t have any control. Because she was well aware by that time what her power did.

It was rape, plain and simple, no two ways about it.

Yep. I think Curtis was able to forgive her so quickly because he already had feelings for her & he did want to sleep with her. But, there’s a reason all their other sexual interactions didn’t involve touching.

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631. I think I ship Rudy/Curtis.


*vomits* I ship Rudy with a shallow grave.