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Ayao Marley: Why?



Is it ok for a woman…black woman to walk through the streets and experience taunting, derogatory and grotesque comments.

Why is it ok for a black woman to walk through the streets without saying anything about these common from black men?

And if she says something she’s a bitch, she’s not fine anymore or worse she’s verbally sometimes physically attacked.


what do you do?

Allow men to continue to speak fowl to you or take a stand by expressing your frustration and even risk your life doing so.

This is wrong. Black men especially should be the most nurturing and protective of us as we make our ways through this world.

Their sexual and grotesque comments need to be kept to themselves.

Men don’t realize how this can break a woman down…how it can stress her out, cause her to experience anxiety…this goes especially for women who aren’t asking for attention or don’t carry themselves in that manner.

Why can’t they see us or even me as someone else’s child that they’re saying these inappropriate things to?

Why can’t they refrain from saying these things especially if they have a daughter or desire to have one?

Its already hard being a woman but a black woman is even harder…you have the double negative…you experience racism and sexism.

White men don’t do this and white women can’t begin to fathom what we experience on a daily basis.

I’m so sick of this shit…I don’t care if we live in a male dominated society or if this is sickly apart of our culture…it needs to stop.

A black woman got shot and killed for expressing her frustration after a black man had said inappropriate things to her.

And this is ok?

Oh so you can tell me that you’d like to do things with my body that I would never imagine and I’m not supposed to say a word?

Yeah ok.

ummm white…european men are some of the freshest, most disrespectful bastards on earth. please do not elevate white men to a place they dont deserve in an attempt to encourage black men to do better?

I’ve gotten some incredibly foul comments from men across all kinds of racial lines. I can’t say that there is any race that is immune to harassing women. Catch the Red Line in Chicago with a bunch of drunk white guys after a Cubs game & you’ll never claim that white men don’t do this to women again.

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