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Martha just happens to be the least favorite Doc Who companion?

Cassie just happens to be the least popular Dean Winchester girlfriend? 

And it has nothing to do with racism?


Lets not forget that people CHEERED when Tara died in True Blood, as well as folks calling Alisha a bitch on Misfits, Mercedes being lazy (and apparently, fat black women can never get a white man) on Glee and Uhura being ragged on for kissing Spock in Star Trek.

But it ain’t about racism tho. Despite black women in fandoms getting shit on the most, it ain’t about racism. Nope. It just ALWAYS happens to be the black woman…








I think I finally figured out this whole fandom secret code thing. Apparently black men are boring and black women are bitches. Any other characters are heroic and/or complicated, and every “normal” fan was born color blind, except ones like me walking around shuffling a deck of race cards.

Oh, but think of all the pretty white men having gay subtext together!

I reblog because it’s (sad and) true.

But girl, don’t you know the black woman is supposed to be STRONG and do it all BY HERSELF!

Fandom be BLOWIN me with that shit, and the fucked up explanations they give for their ridiculous assertions be havin me like

Witchsistah hit it on the head earlier. No one wants to be in our shoes & they can’t risk us getting away from that position of mostly silent mule who gives good advice, but never seems to have a life of her own. Because if we start being shown as real people with real feelings, as someone to cherish & protect, & fight for? They just might have to share the stage of being human & worthwhile & loved. And if they are not the pinnacle of desirability then a whole lot of privileges they enjoy right now will go away. Or at least that’s what they think will happen & they’d much rather see us presented as whipping girls than as princesses, because in their head someone has to be whipped & it had better not be them.