And you know what really breaks my heart




Amandla Stenberg COULD be the next Dakota Fanning, Isabelle Fuhrman, Anna Sophia Robb, whatever white child actress you want to pick, but she WON’T.

She’s got an amazing amount of talent, but she won’t have the chances those other girls have because of the color of her skin. Because of WHITE ONLY casting calls and because Hollywood does not write characters for black women.

And that is some mighty fucking bullshit.

see, & this is another reason that Katniss should really have been cast as a young woman of color. there are so few lead roles for these actors as-is, & really, how many roles out there have a young woman of color

  • playing the lead character in a trilogy in which the first movie makes $155Million on opening weekend
  • where she is portrayed as strong, independent & desirable
  • in a story that is widely-loved

Not to take away from the truths above about Amandla, but it’s all part & parcel of the same nasty side of Hollywood casting.