Steven Moffat is a troll: take-off-your-cool: I like Joe Gilgun, I think he’s a terrific actor….





I like Joe Gilgun, I think he’s a terrific actor. I watched him in This is England and TIE ‘86 before I even knew he was going to be on Misfits. However, I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate Rudy and think he is even worse than Nathan ever was. He is beyond awful in the way that he…

Do people not realize that Alisha is the entire reason for his behavior? Really. . Pay attention to episode one, people. He was a good person, he assumed that sex meant being interested in someone/desiring to date them, he was so happy when he got with her, then she broke his heart and he was rudely introduced to the concept of slutting around. Judging by the box of notes though, he still didn’t give up and tried to court her. But being ignored, being hurt that badly, being that fucked-over, he eventually started thinking it was okay to do it to other people. He felt so stupid about Alisha that he just started thinking that was how the world worked and that he’d gotten the wrong idea.

I don’t think I’m making excuses for him, because I can see myself reacting in exactly the same ways as he has. So. Meh.


So people are actually explaining away Rudy’s present actions as resulting from something Alisha did years ago?

If it’s enough to cause a suicide attempt, I’d say it’s something that had a lasting impact, yes.

Alisha is in no way, shape, or form responsible for his decision to make RAPE JOKES about girls and treat people like tissue that you wipe with your ass.

Most logical thinking people experience ordeals like that and decide that they would much rather treat people the way that THEY would want to be treated.

Based on your thoughts, you’re basically excusing him going down on an inebriated woman because of some shit that happened to him in high school.

So if I go out and treat all men like shit because some guy had sex with me and then ditched me for my best friend, it would be completely justified of me and ENTIRELY that guy’s fault?

Now you know Alisha used that voodoo pussy to corrupt that poor innocent white boy until he was no more good. After all, it’s not like his attitude toward women & sex could have been fucked up & that was part of why Alisha didn’t want to date him. It has to be her fault that Rudy is disgusting all this years later even though the writing makes it clear that even the “nice” part of him is a judgmental shithead with no concept of personal responsibility.



Superhoodie had to eat.  He had to be able to take care of himself.

So let’s call it a bunch of stuff that wasn’t necessary to the mission but was typical incidentals to having a nice flat.

Speaking of eating & self care, where is the money for this flat coming from? We see Alisha, Kelly, & Curtis all working, but not Simon. Is he living off a trust fund, working from home, or what? I am really curious.