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When someone says that they don’t want Samcedes now - but they wanted it before - because of how Mercedes is acting in season three.



Does anyone ever think there could be another reason why she’s acting out? Does anyone ever think, that on top of being frustrated with Rachel, perhaps Mercedes misses Sam?

Oh but God no, it’s Mercedes. If any other character did it for that reason they’d be sympathised with but give the idea that perhaps that’s what’s going on with her and you get told it isn’t.

Excuse me, because I’ve made this point before and people still don’t get it, so I’m gonna hit my head off a brick wall really really really hard.

Firstly, this positions Sam as a prize and not another human being who is flawed his own self, has the capacity to think for himself and make decisions for himself. Secondly, the fact folk think Mercedes has to be on her “best behavior” to be with someone she likes and who, at the very least, liked her in return is patently offensive because that’s not how attraction and relationships work. For example, Santana is pretty much a bitch (self-proclaimed, no hate here) to everyone but Brittany, and even in that relationship Santana hasn’t been completely 100 with her, but that’s okay?   Why should the standards be so amazingly high for Mercedes to be in a relationship (with people the fandom knows and likes because while there may be those who like Shane, nobody knows anything about the dude but mere observational basics) and not for the other characters on the show?  

Well, I know why…that’s a rhetorical question.



The Screen As I See It: The "Other Ethnic": Minorities in Glee.



It occurred to me recently that, despite being a member of the original cast, Jenna Ushkowitz, who plays Tina Cohen-Chang on Glee, has only had one solo where the narrative has allowed her to finish. Tonight’, ‘My Funny Valentine’, ‘I Follow Rivers’… The first two songs called for Ushkowitz to…

A good read, & though it uses Glee as an example, this is hardly the only show to still have issues representing POC in a consistently positive light.

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Or What, You'll Spank Me?: rhiblitzleberry: Ducks in the hat: Rachel vs Mercedesacciosamcedes:...





Ducks in the hat: Rachel vs Mercedes



I don’t know why Rachel felt bad at the end of Asian F (SPOILER ALERT) When she received the part of Maria. Sure Mercedes performance was stunning

but quite frankly I didn’t think…

Yeah, I see your point. But didn’t Rachel agree that okay, they could both share the spotlight? Mercedes just didn’t want any of that. Idk, maybe I just prefer Rachel over her and that’s why I’m defending her. 

Here’s the thing though - why should Mercedes settle for sharing when everyone in that room thought Mercedes gave a better audition?  That is why Mercedes turned down the role.  That wasn’t fair to Mercedes.  But it’s clear Mercedes’ feelings should never, ever matter compared to Rachel’s or Kurt’s or anyone else’s for that matter, and that’s why Mercedes left.  She fought for the spotlight, ie, followed the advice Rachel herself gave back in “Night of Neglect”, won outright (especially in Rachel’s opinion), and then had the refs call it a draw so Rachel’s ego would be spared.  And if no one can see how unfair that is to Mercedes, then I think it’s a willful blind spot to Mercedes.

Okay, but maybe I missed it, but when did they say Mercedes audition was better? I thought the whole problem was that they both were so good and both brought different things to the table so it was difficult for them to decide. Wasn’t THAT why they said that two people would play Maria? Unless I missed it, I never heard them saying that they were going to still give the part of Maria to Rachel because they didn’t want to hurt or feelings or get her pissed off. I could be wrong…. -le shrug-

Either way, I see where Mercedes is coming from. Maybe she was just having a rough week. But I have rough weeks too but I don’t act so rash and knock over music stands because I’m in bad mood. That’s me though. If she was having a bad few days, maybe she could’ve just said she was stressed. Why’d she had to go all out diva and get mad everyone and Rachel? I thought they were friends.

Friends don’t make snide comments about a co star only being worthy of playing to war veterans at matinees, while they play the more prestigious evening performances. Not to mention snide remarks about Mercedes race whenever she tried to broaden the glee club’s repertoire…

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In which Jesse St. James doesn’t know the definition of the word “lazy”; and apparently a great majority of the fandom.

Isn’t this the same Jesse St. James that played Rachel and egged her so he could prove he was loyal to VA and he could be somebody in high school instead of standing up for her? Yeah, he isn’t lazy at all taking the easy way out.

Fuck Jesse!

Oh, look! It’s Mercedes dancing better than Rachel.

i love jesse, but i wish people would stop taking his criticism of mercedes like it’s the gospel.  i don’t see them doing that for what he said about santana or kurt. sometimes i feel like it’s an excuse to validate their dislike for her. but you know what they say, houses built on  jacked up foundations will always come a’tumblin down.

Bolding for truthiness.




And again… let’s see how many notes a TRUTHFUL photoset gets.


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And someone just said Mercedes used to be beautiful and isn’t anymore. I think confidence and pride is a good fucking look.

This is going to be so epic…

Cannot wait!!!!

I know half my followers are makeup stans. Any idea what color is Amber’s lipstick approximately? Or at least what brand gives that kind of shine? Because I love it & might need it in my life.

You’ll get your well deserved standing ovations on Saturday matinees and Sunday mornings, for the retired Lima war veterans. And I’ll do all the evening performances!

Rachel Berry to Mercedes Jones, after the judges tell them Maria has been double cast.

I think the quote speaks for itself.


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In real theater, you go on whenever the director says so. You don’t have options. 

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See, at that point, I would have cursed Rachel out. She’s basically saying Mercedes is good for entertaining the few who’ll straggle in during the afternoon performances and she’s good for the starring part of the evening performances. I don’t know about ya’ll but when I go see a play, I go in the evening. I don’t go in the afternoon.

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Rachel’s not a diva? She’s not annoying? Oh…………

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But of course, Rachel isn’t a diva, y’all. Not at all. She’s totally gracious for telling Mercedes that she is not ever good enough to be a star. Mercedes should have stayed in her place and known that she’s just the random black girl singing the soul.

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something about Mercedes and Rachel that’s been bouncing around my head for a while….




I’ve noticed a lot of people saying that Rachel/Lea just has the better voice for Broadway versus Mercedes/Amber. It’s more complicated than that, though. The overwhelming majority of Broadway musicals have been written by white people for white singers/actors to perform in front of majority white audiences. When people say “Broadway,” and especially when we’re talking about an old classic like West Side Story, they’re assuming a traditionally white sound.

And sure, Lea Michele has been trained in a Broadway style, which is part of the reason she totally kills songs like “My Man” and “Don’t Rain On My Parade.” But no amount of Broadway training will make her better than Amber Riley on Broadway hit songs like “I Am Telling You” or last night’s “It’s All Over.” And I’m willing to bet Naya Rivera would do better on something from In the Heights than Lea Michele.

tl;dr colorblind casting just doesn’t work if you judge POC by their ability to sing by traditionally white standards

Also, Will can go die in a fire.

And the other reason why they call Broadway “The Great White Way”…


Glee - We can do ‘ginger supremacy’ but not ACTUAL racism, that’s still fucking relevant and clearly at play on the very show??


We can talk about serious matters of bullying and homophobia and briefly on sizeism, but we cannot give serious consideration of what it’s like to be a nonwhite student at a majority-white school, with majority-white teachers, with obvious majority-white biases at play, and make people’s nonwhite cultures the butt of jokes, like “Asian F”, “Asian Therapy”, “Cocoa Babies”, “Glee club, not crunk club”, “fiesty, violent Latina who only speaks Spanish when mad”, “lazy (though there’s canonical proof over two seasons that’s not the case)”. Hell, you even sort of addressed it in S1 with “Throwdown”, and then never bring that back up again -  not even when the moment is handed to you, by your own pen, on a silver platter with that Rachedes conversation in Mercedes’ SUV at the end of “Night of Neglect”.  Mercedes isn’t stupid.  She’s observant, she knows how life works.  Children of color learn those particular rules pretty damn quickly.

Those concerns? They’re actually not fucking funny and they’re not throwaway experiences or concerns.  They eat away at you like acid, depleting whatever encouragement or self-esteem, or even self-efficacy one could’ve had before stepping into, what is actually, hostile environments.  But they’re subtly hostile, to the point folk have you convinced you’re the crazy one and seeing things and your can’t trust yourself to decipher what your own lived experiences are.  Now we know why Emma has OCD, and I think that’s actually a really compelling and moving reason; but can we discuss why Mercedes might be oversleeping and throwing up and having a lack of energy if she’s not pregnant (and…I still don’t think she’s sexually active.  Way for fandom to make that leap when it’s Mercedes of all people)?  Those are signs of depression, people.  We got a little bit of the pressure Mike Chang’s under, and it definitely added texture to his character.  But Mercedes clinging to kind words, only getting kind words from people she’s known for all of five minutes (both Lauren and now Shane) but not from her “family” even though, when it’s mattered, she’s always been there for them?

My parents always said black people have to be two times better to be considered equal, and my goodness if we haven’t watched that play out for the past two and some change seasons.  Mercedes finally called people out on that, then respectfully said “thanks, but no thanks” and got out of a relationship that was starting to be toxic to her.  I’m proud of her for that.  And yo, if they make this child come back begging while neither Rachel, nor Quinn, nor Santana had to do that after they quit/got kicked out, I’mma cry fuckery.

And no, I’m not putting this under a “read more”.  Read it.  Do your mental gymnastics to deny what’s been going on onscreen and in glee fandom.


Mercedes shouldn’t get any hate…



off of this episode. She worked for her role, performed better than Rachel and people still shafted her in the end. There is nothing wrong with anything that Mercedes did in this entire episode. I can’t even fish for an excuse for the outrageous hate that some of you are displaying. 

The blow up was correct in my opinion…Mr. Shue does show favoritism towards Rachel. You can’t deny it. It’s happened since Day 1. I don’t care. She told it how it is there’s a reason Rachel thinks she’s always a shoe in. It’s because Mr. Shue hardly ever chooses anyone else. 

I’m glad Mercedes didn’t take that bogus deal that they were offering her. That wasn’t right and I knew they were going to do it the moment I saw them sitting down in that office. It was a cop out on their part but I guess Mercedes should just be glad that they allowed her the part although she knows she won it fair and square. 

I don’t know why people are acting Mercedes is the one in the wrong. Rachel made backhanded comments in this episode. Comments that would have made me angry. She sat in that room passive aggressively putting her down. “You’ll have the old veterans while I’ll have the night spotlight” or some mess like that. 

There shouldn’t be any of this hate towards this character. I mean are people actually watching this show are you watching it through delusional white privilege glasses

Don’t worry though I really understand the hate. You’re angry that Mercedes isn’t staying in her place. You’re angry that she dared to do something that you didn’t want her to do. You’re angry that she didn’t accept the little crumbles that Rachel offered her when it never really even matter. Night of Neglect wasn’t a competition so Rachel didn’t really care about giving up that spotlight. You’re angry that this black character stepped on the toes on your favorite character. I know you loved her as long as she played Mammy and encouraged Rachel and the others while neglecting herself. That image is safe and you love it. 

So I guess the saying is true…people hate things that are different from what they know. 

yeah. and why am i getting into this damn show this season?

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