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Still Life: Norse




Found an Interesting Article today *-* <3

Why is it called Wednesday, and why is it spelled that way?
Norse Mythology gets credit for naming six out of our seven days of the week, and renaming the seventh! Not many know the origins of these names we all use so frequently. In Wednesday’s case,…

As a response to all those wondering why we don’t have white history month, I submit “do we really need it, when the days of the week are named after the whitest of mythological pantheons?”  Also, asking why there’s no white history month is about the same as asking why there’s no kid’s day, since there’s a mother’s and father’s day.  If you’re over 21 (arbitrarily speaking), and both questions don’t seem obviously foolish, consider spending some thoughtful time in reflection until it is clear.  HINT:  We do not have a straight pride month for similar reasons.

Failing that, you are always free to organize your own white appreciation month or campaign for congress to declare January white history month.  You might find you get some interesting reactions!

information on mythology, where the names of days of the week came from, & more about why “White History Month” is basically unnecessary.

what more could you ask for?

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